Introduction of a modern Groundwater Managementsystem in Yuncheng, P.R. China

Commissioned by

Office for Hydrology and Water Resources of the Province Shanxi, China


Yuncheng, China

Project period

2010 – ongoing

Project description

Yuncheng City is situated in the southwest of the province Shanxi in China, on the banks of the Yellow River. On a county level, the city covers an area of 14,233 km2 (approx. 15,3202 sq ft) and has 4,8 million inhabitants, one city district, two county-level cities and ten counties.

The project “Shanxi 948 – Introduction of a modern ground water management system” was initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Water and implemented by the Office of Hydrology and Water Resources in Yuncheng. It includes the monitoring of water levels and quality parameters in 140 deep groundwater wells located in the  mining areas of Yuncheng district.

ribeka was asked to supply the required multi-parameter data logger with GPRS data transmission modules, devices for mobile monitoring and the resource management software GW-Base®.

ribeka and the Chinese cooperation partner BENAT installed the GW-Base Resource Management system.
Afterwards, they trained the staff in handling and maintenance of soft- and hardware on site in China.

For the running project, ribeka and BENAT provides “Shanxi 948” with all services and support.

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