Online Groundwater Monitoring for Drinking Water Protection

Implementation of a complete water monitoring and management system for the RWW-RWE, one of the largest water suppliers in Germany

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RWE is the second largest energy and water supplier in Germany. It subsidary RWW owns and operates 9 water works, 13 large water supply reservoirs and more than 3000 km of pipelines. Around 1 million residents in an area of 850 km² are supplied with potable water. RWW manages approximately 13.000 wells and monitoring stations, many equipped with GPRS online data loggers.

The main system features are: Automatic import of all water levels, water quality data, climate and discharge data. Management of Bore log and well construction data. Overall data evaluation, technical well management and bidirectional connection to SAP (ERP system for well status and maintenance management).

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