Online Ground Water Monitoring for the Olympic Games 2008, China


Commissioned by

City Council Beijing, PR China

Project description

2007 – ongoing


Beijing, PR China

Project description

During the 2008 Olympics the rowing, canoeing and marathon swimming competitions took place at the Shunyi Water Park, which is situated in the northeast of Beijing. The artificial lakes within the Shunyi Water Park are partly supplied with ground water from surrounding wells.

In cooperation with their Chinese cooperation partner BNEAT Co. Ltd., ribeka was contracted to design and install a ground water monitoring system for the premises of the Olympic Water Park. Several multi parameter data loggers were installed in the wells in order to monitor the quality of the ground water and the development of the water level. The data loggers are equipped with the latest generation of GPRS remote monitoring modules, so that monitoring can be done online and in real-time and the data is directly available in the ground water monitoring software GW-Base®.

Technical support for the ongoing project is given by our Chinese cooperation partner and by regular visits of ribeka personnel to Beijing.

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