Ground Water Monitoring of the City of Hamburg, Germany

Commissioned by

Environmental authority of Hamburg, Department for the Environment Protection, Water and Soil Protection


Hamburg, Germany

Project period

1998 – ongoing

Project description

Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany with approx. 1,8 million inhabitants. The Hamburg Environmental Authority manages a constantly growing database containing data from more than 10.000 ground and surface water monitoring points. With the help of this database the authority is able to provide information about the ground water situation of a location within the city limits very quickly.

ribeka develops the tools that the Hamburg Environmental Authority uses to carry out the graphical evaluation of the data stored in their database, such as tools for creating contour maps, time series diagrams or pie charts. These evaluation possibilities are the same tools of the ground water management software GW-Base®. The entire system of the Hamburg Environmental Authority comprises an Oracle database, GIS-Megatel applications, GW-Base® evaluation tools and public information terminals.

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