Project INTECRAL – Integrated Eco Technologies and Services for a Sustainable Rural Rio, Brazil

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Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, Berlin) “International Partnerships for substainable Technologies and Services for climate protection and environment” (CLIENT) in the topic “Research for sustainbale Developments”


State Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Project period

2013 – ongoing

Project description

The initial situation of the INTECRAL project is a series of research and development needs which have been formulated by the Coordination Team of the Rio Rural Project (PRR), a major project for a sustainable rural development in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. PRR is carried out by a consortium led by the Ministry of Agriculture of the State of Rio de Janeiro (SEAPEC) supported by the World Bank. The measures provided for technical developments meet the identified gaps, the required specialized methods and technologies are not available in Brazil (e.g. technologies for sugar cane harvest for small business) or only at unacceptable high costs (e.g. water monitoring).

As part of the work package “4” ribeka will develop and implement a water monitoring and information system which is adapted to the needs of the pilot basins in Rio de Janeiro. In order to provide qualitative and quantitative data on freshwater resources, sensors for measuring meteorological parameters, surface- and groundwater levels and the water quality will be installed. The collected data will support the water resource planning and management and the provision of status reports for the selected river basins. In addition, the date will serve local authorities in the implementation of an early warning system for extreme events. Furthermore, a web-based platform for management and publication of environmental information and decision support will be developed.

More Information: Project webpage INTECRAL

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