Our terms and conditions

For all goods and services to our General Terms and Conditions apply

1. General

The deliveries, services and offers of ribeka GmbH are published to these terms and conditions . With the confirmation of the customer accepts our terms and conditions. Additions or different provisions must be in writing and approved by ribeka GmbH These terms supersede all Terms used by the customer. Verbal agreements are invalid.

2. Offer and Conclusion of contracts

On sale we hold valid for 30 days . All price information from ribeka GmbH are non-binding.

Orders are deemed accepted if they are confirmed in writing by us.

3. Prices

All prices are ex-Bornheim, plus VAT.

4. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed , payments within 8 days after receipt of invoice payable net .
Services for repairs , maintenance, installation shall be payable immediately without deduction .

For orders and custom programming as well as adjustments to standard software 40 % with order , 30 % after delivery, 30% after acceptance by the customer due.

As evidenced by the receipt of payment is with ribeka GmbH

In software maintenance and maintenance agreements shall , unless otherwise agreed, payment terms of 30 days after the start of the contract year.

Training : a payment term of 8 days applies to course fees.

If the buyer is in default of payment , we are entitled to charge interest in the amount of 5% above the base rate of the Deutsche Bundesbank to raise the due date.

5. Training

An application for a training course is considered binding as soon as it is confirmed by ribeka . Confirmation is usually by e -mail. Ribeka GmbH reserves the right not to carry out a training course , provided that the minimum of five people is not reached.

If a / s participants / in of a mandatory registration for reasons returned that are not the responsibility of ribeka , the following cancellation fees:

For training at ribeka:

Up to 30 days before the training: no cancellation costs

Up to 14 days before the training: 50 %

Up to 7 days before start 70 % , then 90 %

No-shows will be charged 100 % .

Can substitute participant can be no cancellation costs.

For in-house training at the customer:

Up to 30 days before the training: no cancellation costs

Up to 14 days before the training: 50 %

Then 100 %

The withdrawal must be made in writing.

6. Application programming

Application programming made exclusively on the basis of a confirmed order from both parties requirement specifications.

The warranty period is six months after purchase.

Within these 6 months ribeka GmbH correct the errors alleged by customers for free. After this time troubleshooting is chargeable or by acquiring updates possible (standard software).

7. Delivery and Shipping

All delivery dates quoted by ribeka GmbH are non-binding delivery, unless a delivery date that is agreed upon in writing binding. If the buyer after the order changes or amendments to the order or if other circumstances arise which make it impossible ribeka GmbH compliance with the delivery, although ribeka GmbH is not responsible for these circumstances, the delivery date shall be postponed for a reasonable period. If ribeka GmbH prevented the timely performance of the contract, for example, through procurement, production or delivery problems with her or its supplier, the general principles apply with the proviso that put the customer at the end of one month, a grace period of 6 weeks can.

The cost of shipping and insuring principle be borne by the customer , the choice of the route and the mode of shipment is at the discretion ribeka GmbH. The customer is obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon arrival and to report in writing ribeka GmbH visible transport damage and any damage to the packaging immediately. The same applies for concealed damage. Ribeka GmbH is due to the omission of this engagement of their claims against the insurance company or the sub distributor , the customer is liable for all costs resulting from this breach of obligation . The risk passes to the buyer once the goods leave the warehouse ribeka GmbH.

8. Software

Ribeka GmbH guarantees for a period of 6 months from the date of delivery that provided by ribeka Software GmbH substantially free from defects in material and workmanship and operates substantially in accordance with the accompanying Product Manual. The warranty is limited to those benefits. It is known to the customer, that errors in programs can not be excluded by the prior art.

In the case of a justified complaint to ribeka GmbH reserves the right to make improvements or three in the case of the final failure of the repair to the customer’s choice to grant the right to change or reduction . The right to change or reduction , the customer only when a program error should prove to the whole performance picture as significant and essential, and the problem can not be solved by other means of software.

Any further warranty , in particular, that the software is suitable for the customer’s purposes , and for any direct or indirect damages howsoever caused (eg, loss of profits , business interruption ) as well as for loss of data or damage arising in connection with the recovery of lost data arise , are expressly excluded , unless that ribeka GmbH or its employees may be evidence of malice or gross negligence. Ribeka GmbH reserves the right to make changes to make after delivery programs that will improve the efficiency of the program and do not affect the rest of the software.

Information in the manual / documentation and / or promotional material relating to the extension possibilities of a product or available accessories are not binding, especially because the products are subject to constant adaptation and the information may also refer to future developments.

The license agreements of the respective programs are valid for the sale of software.

9. Warranty

Ribeka GmbH guarantees that the goods have promised in the contract and that no defects are that cancel or reduce the value or the suitability for normal or expected use by the contract . An insignificant reduction in the value or suitability is not considered .

The warranty period is 6 months from the date of delivery . During the warranty period , the customer has any defects in writing to ribeka GmbH immediately . The warranty does not include the elimination of errors caused by normal wear and tear , external influences , or operator error . The guarantee is void if the customer ribeka GmbH devices , elements, or additional equipment changes without the consent of themselves or can be changed by a third party , unless that the customer provides the full proof that the more defects in question either in whole or in part by such changes have been created and that the removal of defects through the change is not difficult.

Ribeka GmbH can repair or replace defective devices, elements , auxiliary equipment or parts under their warranty obligation . To the extent necessary for this purpose , the customer is in front of the exchange programs (including its application programs, data , disk , alterations and additions ) to remove. The customer is obliged ribeka GmbH give the time and opportunity to carry out the rectification work required . Succeeds ribeka GmbH is not to eliminate serious deficiencies within 6 months from receipt of a proper notice of defect , the Customer may use the Seller a reasonable extension to the statement that he refuses to remedy the defect by the end of this period . After this period, the customer is entitled to change or reduction , if the deficiency is not corrected in time .

10. Acceptance of contract programming

After delivery of the software , the client performs test runs that are suitable to test all essential functions according to the product description.

After successful functional testing of the client shall immediately and in writing to explain the acceptance of the software . The period for functional testing for the customer is 30 days after delivery , unless otherwise agreed .

The function test is performed to be successful when the software in all material respects meets the requirements of the product description.

If the customer refuses acceptance , he may in writing a period of two weeks to execute this release , the contractor for this purpose . Acceptance is made when the client specifies the reasons for the refusal of acceptance in writing within that period.

After acceptance, the six-month warranty begins . Within this period all program errors will be corrected . The customer then has the option of a service contract , or to correct the error in the framework of update delivery .

11. Software maintenance and support contracts

Unless agreed otherwise, software maintenance and maintenance contracts are concluded for an indefinite time . The contract fee is payable annually within 30 days following the beginning of each contract year . Concluded for an indefinite term care contracts can be terminated with a notice period of 3 months to the end of a contract year .

12. Reservation of ownership for hardware purchase

The delivered goods until full payment of all claims from the business relationship with the customer in the main and incidental property of ribeka GmbH

The customer is obliged to standing ribeka GmbH under the retention of title properly to insure (ie, theft , fire, water and light current insurance ) and ribeka GmbH prove such insurance upon request . In case of damage the insurance claim of the customer shall be deemed to ribeka GmbH assigned . The customer is not entitled to dispose of the under the retention of title . In case of seizure or seizures ribeka GmbH , the customer has to be informed immediately in writing and the parties shall advise promptly through appropriate channels to the retention of ribeka GmbH . In the event that the customer still sells the items delivered and ribeka GmbH should approve this , the customer ribeka all claims against its customers GmbH occurs as early as with the contract.

The customer is obliged ribeka GmbH with all information required to assert these rights and to provide the required assistance .

For the sale of the software Lizenzvereinbahrungen of the programs apply .

13. Privacy Policy

The ribeka GmbH is the protection of your personal data very important and they therefore strictly adheres to the existing data protection rules .

All customer data will be treated confidentially by the ribeka GmbH . The storage and processing of such information shall only be permitted by the customer scope and in strict observance of legal provisions ( Federal Data Protection Act , Information and Communication Services Act ) .

When you visit our internet site currently used by your PC IP address, date and time, browser type and operating system of your PC, and the pages you will be logged. However, conclusions on personal data we are therefore not possible nor intended .

The personal data you provide to us , for example, with an order or notified by e -mail (eg , your name and contact details ) will be processed only for correspondence with you and only for the purposes for which you give us the has data available . We share your information only to the staff responsible for the delivery of mail order company , to the extent necessary for the delivery of the goods. For the settlement of payments your payment data to the agency responsible for paying bank on.

We assure you that we will not share your personal data in addition to third parties unless we are legally obliged or you have expressly consented . If we refer to the implementation and management of processes processing services of third parties claim , the provisions of the Data Protection Act are complied with.

Personal data which have been communicated to us through our website are only stored until the purpose is fulfilled , for which they were entrusted to us. As far as trade and tax retention periods to be observed , the duration of storage of certain data can be up to 10 years.

If you do not agree or have become incorrect with this storage of your personal data , we will arrange an appropriate referral back under the statutory provisions the deletion, correction or blocking of your data . You can receive free information about all personal data which we hold about you .

14. User Account

ribeka GmbH reserves the right to block a user account for important reasons and/or to delete it immediately.

Under the following circumstances ribeka GmbH reserves the right to terminate and delete the account:
– Incorrect user information (eg invalid email address)
– Multiple accounts for one user
– Transfer of user data (by others)
– Any action to disrupt the website

In addition, on presence of legitimate reasons (eg long inactivity or missing account activation), ribeka GmbH is authorized to delete the user account.

15. Place of performance and jurisdiction

Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the HIDE subject disputes Bonn , provided that the Customer is a full merchant as defined by HGB .

For the full fiscal management and legal relationship , the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. International UN purchasing law ( CISG) is excluded .

16. Severability

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, all other provisions shall remain unaffected.

Bornheim, July 2013