Ground Water Monitoring of a Solid Waste Landfill, Germany


Commissioned by

EZS –  Center of Disposal, Salzgitter

Project period

2008 – ongoing


Salzgitter, Germany

Project description

In Germany solid waste landfills are required to monitor the ground water on and around their premises and to regularly submit reports to the responsible environmental authority. It is the duty of the landfill operator to show that there is no strong negative effect on the ground water as it passes below the landfill. To be able to measure the impact of the landfill on the ground water quality, monitoring wells are built upgradient and downgradient of the landfill, from which samples are regularly taken.

The landfill operator EZS Salzgitter uses GW-Base® to manage the large amount of data that accumulates from the constant sampling of the wells surrounding their premises. The evaluation and management features of GW-Base® enable them to maintain an excellent overview of the ground water quality and water table development, as well as facilitating their reporting duties towards environmental authorities.

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